Your epic adventure awaits...

Gem Hunt is an open-world, adventure tabletop board game for 1-4 players. Set out on your trek as one of 10 unique Gem Hunters. You will travel across a diverse number of regions and locations, each with unique opportunities and dangers, as you set out to complete your quests and become the

Master Gem Hunter!

1-4 Players
Ages 14+
40-90 Minutes

What’s in the box?

Deluxe Edition

1 Game Board

6-Sided Premium Die

8-Sided Premium Die

10 Character Cards

10 Character Stand Ups

4 Sets of Quick Reference Key Cards

4 No Tools Tokens

4 No Rations Tokens

1 Monkey Token

1 Jeep Token

14 Token Stands

1 Museum Trophy Card

50 Quest Cards

150 Faceted Gem Cards (25 per gem Type)

150 Rough Gem Pieces (25 per gem Type)

1 Gem Satchel

68 Oyster Cards

60 Beaten Path Fate Cards (Lt. Beige)

60 Desert Fate Cards (Beige)

60 Jungle Fate Cards (Green)

60 Mountain Fate Cards (Grey)

15 $50 bills

25 $100 bills

50 $500 bills

50 $1,000 bills

25 $5,000 bills

Instruction Book and the Card Guide

Ancient Ruins 2

Why You'll Love Gem Hunt!

  • Phenomenal Replayability
  • Doesn’t Require a Degree in Game Instruction Deciphering
  • Fun for the Whole Family
  • Play Variations
  •  Great Variability from the Start
  • Super Fun for Two Players (Single Player Instructions too!)
  • Unpredictable Adventure
  • No Player Dominance
  • Refreshingly Light-Hearted
  • Appropriate for All Ages
  •  Competitive but not Cruel
  •  A Large Variety of Modifiers
  • Easy to Learn and Play

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